Come take a look at some of the reviews our past students have left for our courses.

Mark S., MD

Family Medicine

…I have totally changed the way I manage my COPD patients and I want everyone in my practice to go through the WipeCOPD site.

Timothy N. MD

Family Medicine

…I really like the way the questions were dispersed throughout the videos, it kept my attention and I personally think this is the most effective way for me to learn.

Jessica S. RN, FNP

Family Nurse Practitioner

…Absolutely wonderful! Clear and to the point and very well explained!

William P., PA

Physician Assistant

…superb, I feel so lucky to have stumbled onto this educational site.

Jose R., CRT

Certified Respiratory Therapist

…awesome explanations of all aspects of COPD.

Roberto M., MSW

Social Services

…the examples of motivational interviewing and nonjudgmental techniques of discussing smoking cessation were phenomenal.